Sales and delevery terms

1. Order Confirmation

Scandomestic A/S has not accepted an order until a written order confirmation has been established by the factory. An offer, a proforma invoice or the like are not binding for Scandomestic A/S.

2. Intermediate Sale

For goods which have been offered delivered from stock, intermediate sale is reserved.

3. Prices

Scandomestic A/S reserves the right to regulate the accepted prices in case of changes in rate of exchange, price increases in raw materials, alterations in wages, goverment interventions or other circumstances for which Scandomestic A/S is not responsible.

4. Forwarding

If nothing else have been agreed upon, the price has been calculated ex works or ex warehouse. The dispatch of the goods will be arranged by the seller, but at the buyer´s risk. If – according to agreement – the transport is to take place at the sellers risk, the offered price has been calculated on the basis of the cheapest way of transport. If the circumstances are so that another way of transport is necessary, the seller is entitled to be covered for the thus increased cost of transport.

5. Packing

The packing is included in the price and is not compensated by a return of the goods.

6. Time of delivery

Scandomestic A/S does not take the responsibility for a delay in consequence of a strike, a lock-out or the like, or of extraordinary government measures, transport obstacles including ice obstacles or accidents of transport, a delayed or faulty deli- very of materials ordered in time, a failing electricity supply and similar production difficulties, a fire or workshop accident at the factory or at a subsupplier´s or pos- sibly of other circumstances for which it is not reasonable to say that Scandomestic A/S is responsible.

In case of a strike or a lock-out which has influence on the factory of Scandomestic A/S delivery is postponed with a period corresponding to the influence which the stoppage og work has had.

7. Complaints

Complaints if any, must be made in writing and must come to our hand 8 days after delivery at the latest.

8. Claims

If - in consequence of the situation of the buyer – the ordered goods are not taken at the latest a fornight after the agreed delivery date, the seller reserves the right to invoice the whole quantity for which the final date of delivery has been exceeded by more than a fornight, and payment is then due in accordance with the conditions og payment agreed upon. However, regardless of the invoicing the goods remain the property of the seller until payment has taken place. From the date of the invoicing, the goods are left at the buyer´s risk.

9. Buyer´s Non-fulfillment

If the buyer does not fulfill the agreements of the conditions of payment for one or more deliveries or if he otherwise does not fulfill his agreements with the seller or if he suspends his payment, the seller is entitled to stop further deliveries and to claim compensation for the losses caused.

For the above cases of non-fulfillment from the buyer any amount which the buyer might owe the seller is payable regardless of whether the day of payment has arrived or not.

10. Product liability

Scandomestic A/S shall not be liable for any trading loss, loss of profit or any other consequential or indirect losses resulting from damage to commercial goods as opposed to damage to goods which are, according to their nature, usually inten- ded for non-commercial use and which are mainly used in conformity herewith (damage to consumer goods)

11. Venue

Any dispute with Scandomestic A/S concerning products supplied shall be settled in Danish law and decided by the civil court in Silkeborg, Denmark.